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Since more than 40 years we are specialized company in the production and sale of electrical material production.

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Olan S.r.l. company based in Limbiate, in Monza and Brianza, is a company operating since 1979 in electrical material production. From the beginning, the company has pursued the path of quality; in 2011 it joined the Canalplast S.p.A. group and in recent years it has invested to expand its design and production facilities, with the aim of creating products of ever greater quality and safety, in compliance with existing regulations. The enlargement of the product range was carried out thinking not only of the needs of the domestic market but also of the needs of foreign markets.

Production Area

In order to compete in an increasingly global market and accept its challenges, the company has decidedly embarked on the path of efficiency and automation. Today with the new investments, the company relies on latest generation robotic production systems, completed by automated assembly processes. The total automation of the production process allows the continuous quality control of the manufactured product and guarantees its reliability and safety. In addition to the production process, the reliability of the products is the result of the long experience in the field of molding of plastic material; this has made possible the continuous improvement of the production standard.

Commercial Area

Considerable investments have been made in the commercial area, this is because it has gone from a manufacturing company on behalf of third parties to the direct sale of its products. On the national territory Olan S.r.l. is represented with an agency in each region. Agency that follows the distribution network, installers and users, both for the commercial part and for technical issues. In foreign markets the company is present with importers and agents; today it exports its products to over 20 countries spread over four continents. The entire commercial network, national and foreign, is connected to a single computer system, to allow the management of orders and group communication, with easiness and rapidity, within 24 hours.

Storage Area

The warehouse structure is a strong point of the company as it is of particular importance for the speed of delivery of the goods. The centralized warehouse is organized in an organic way and managed completely by an IT process, able to satisfy every request, coming from both the national and foreign market, in real time. To keep the products in stock, all coded, within compatible levels for a correct economic management of the warehouse and in perfect harmony with the customer’s needs and the optimization of his stock. The material placed on special shelves is already prepared on pallets, ready for shipment. The ultimate goal is to guarantee a good level of service, satisfying customer requests quickly and professionally.


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